Jonny Gowow and the Japanese Cowboys

An eclectic blend of rock, folk and classical that delivers a fresh sound to the well-trodden landscape of Nashville, TN. Jonny Gowow is making gay music for straight people. Trained as a composer and pianist, and blessed with the baritone pipes of a silver-tongued devil, he uses the vocabulary of consonance and dissonance to deliver a refreshingly original message to the well-trodden landscape of popular music. It is his belief that music, when written and performed well, can convince people to listen to just about anything – including diatribes on anal sex and selective breeding.

Who is this Jonny Gowow?

Jonny is the moniker I’ve given to my creative ego. Growing up in the hills and farms just north of Nashville, I began the study of music at an early age, and continued these studies right up through college. But it was during my late teens that I discovered that I had a message to deliver through music – and it wasn’t a message that the music industry of Nashville wanted delivered. Since then I’ve played honkey-tonks, dive bars, blues clubs, gay bars, weddings and even funerals – but at most points in this career (especially the funerals) I have felt constrained by my environment to filter my thoughts, censor my lyrics and deliver an amputated version of my specific art. It’s a great honor to perform any music at all for my fans, but it’s high time I started performing my music for my fans more often.

Nominated for Best Original Show of 2014 by “Kittens on the Keys,” co-written with Kara Kemp and premiered on Aug. 22, 2014



Jonny Gowow releases new video, “Sweet Boy”

Nashville native and Murfreesboro resident Jonny Gowow is releasing his second official music video on Feb. 13th. The video was filmed in October for the song “Sweet Boy,” a raucous, rock-and-roll celebration of male homosexuality. The song is one of two singles from...

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